A Better Lyfe

About the director

Shonda Harris began her Professional Entertainment career at age 12 dancing for the Jacksons Victory Tour celebrity fashion show in Los Angeles, where she was introduced to the Jackson family and many other celebrities. At the age of 15 Shonda joined the group Destiny Master Crew (DMC) sponsorship by Ozarka ®. DMC Toured over Texas, which lead to special guest appearances. Shonda graduated top 10 of her class in 1998 and her pictures still hangs today on the wall of fame at Le Cordon Bleu. Texas in 2009 where she was reintroduced to the world of entertainment. In just two years time, her company Talent Beyond Belief was well known as the go to Media outlet. 2010 Shonda began to write several scripts all based on true stories from her life the first being ‘A Better Lyfe’ which premiered during SXSW 2014 to a sold out crowd.